Our experience spans public and private sector settings from multinational organisations to impoverished communities. 

Grounded in our specialist focus on trust building (all scales and domains), our expertise includes strategy, smart cities, sustainability, sector development, impact investment, policy, media, and communications.

We’re endorsed by notable global clients who cite our uncommon ability to rapidly enable trust, systemic perspectives, and innovation.


Empirical evidence demonstrates that trust-based approaches yield significant advantages over conventional strategic practices across various scales, including professional, organisational, and societal levels. Our approach is firmly rooted in trust research and practical expertise.

+100% more effective teams and leadership.

+400% more successful than peers.

+3100% higher GDP than low trust societies.


Our capabilities are focused at individual and group scale and across four domains. We take a systemic approach, recognising that engaging the big picture can’t be done by working only on a part of it. 

Our domain focus is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which help to envision a world in which no one is left behind.

Individual Scale

For 'individuals', we offer a range of services to build trust-based relationships with others. For example, our training and coaching services, and forums are tailored to meet the unique needs of leaders, managers, and team members. Our research and monitoring and evaluation services help individuals better understand the importance of trust in building and maintaining relationships. Through our services, individuals can develop the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to promote trust in their personal and professional lives. 

Group Scale

For 'groups', our services promote trust-based relationships within teams, organisations, institutions, and governments. Our services, such as trust building, strategy, culture, change management, organisational design, impact frameworks, and strategic assemblies, are designed to help groups build and maintain trust-based relationships. Our facilitation services and trust-based assemblies are specifically designed to bring together groups and promote collaboration and trust-based relationships. We also provide monitoring and evaluation services to ensure that trust is being built and maintained within groups.


We are committed to focusing the transformative power of trust on advancing progress toward achieving the 4 domains represented by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across all domains. We described these domains as economic prosperity, social wellbeing, environmental stewardship and partnerships.    


Our capabilities include identifying trust gaps, providing tools and strategies, aligning trust with strategic objectives, and measuring impact through a proprietary framework. Our training and coaching programs, intimate forums, facilitation services, and keynote speeches are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We conduct rigorous research and provide monitoring and evaluation services. Additionally, we help individuals and organisations create a culture of trust through our change management and organisational design services.

Our systemic strategy practice recognises that trust is a key component of long-term success, and we work with our clients to develop trust-based strategies that can help them achieve their mission.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation services help clients measure the effectiveness of and the correlation between trust-building efforts and strategic outcomes. By providing objective feedback on the impact of their interventions, clients are better enabled to refine strategies and maximise impact.


 Research focuses on understanding the nature of trust and how it can be built and sustained in different contexts. By conducting rigorous research, we provide evidence-based insights that inform trust-building strategies. Our research team has a wealth of experience in conducting research on trust, and we use the latest research methods and tools to deliver high-quality insights to our clients.

Change Management

Change can be difficult, but trust makes it easier. We offer change management services designed to foster trust and ensure successful change. By fostering a climate of trust, we help our clients manage change more effectively.


We help clients to identify and address any barriers to trust and create a culture that fosters trust which has a direct impact on overall organisational effectiveness.

Organisational Design

The way an organisation is designed has a significant impact on trust. We work with clients to design structures and processes that promote trust.


Intimate forums are a powerful way to foster dialogue and deep insight, and we work with clients to design and facilitate forums on a range of topics.


We bring stakeholders under trust protocols to address complex challenges and map systemic, trust-based pathways. Assemblies are designed to accelerate trust and collaboration across boundaries and are a powerful way to promote collaboration and generate new insights.


Our facilitation services get trust into the room more rapidly. We provide expert facilitators who understand the importance of trust and work to build trust-based relationships between individuals and organisations. Facilitation services are tailored, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that each session is impactful.

Training & Coaching

Our training and coaching programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. By investing in training and coaching, our clients can foster a culture of trust.

Training in trust based leadership capabilities for emerging and established Changemakers I.e. moderators, facilitators and coaches, train-the-trainer (TTT).

Immersive reflection, learning, networking and growth.

Repurposing existing and creating new content for leadership development and place based capabilities.


Raising awareness of the importance of trust is critical. Our network comprise leaders in the field of trust, and they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each keynote. By sharing their insights and experiences, our speakers inspire and educate audiences on the importance of trust and how it applies to their domain.


The overall process involves three key phases: Discover, Design, and Support. Beginning with the Discovery phase, we aim to understand what matters most in the client's context. This initial step allows us to align our process, capabilities, and focus areas to create one coherent pathway. Our solutions range from single interventions to long-term programs, ensuring flexibility to meet the unique needs of each client. 


We are an independent, globally distributed team of interdisciplinary practitioners drawn together by a commitment to address burning issues across domains, sectors and at all levels. We offer global and on-the-ground perspectives and experience and acknowledge the fundamental, accelerating contribution of trust to all human endeavour.

Legal advisor experienced in startups, business affairs, international policy, risk, crisis management, growth alignment and governance.  Admitted to the California State Bar, the US  District Court, and a member of the American Bar Association.


Telstra Business Awards judge, strategist, advisor, C-level executive. +25 years experience across multiple sectors globally. A reputation for values-based leadership, has turned around multi-billion dollar organisations.


Tenured Professor at Dartmouth College and the founder/president of Leadership Kinetics. Certified Stakeholder Centred Coach®️, has trained and coached high impact leaders, start-up founders, and corporate executives.


ICF Global Board (at large, Vice-Chair); Executive Coach; Team Coach; Coach Trainer and Leadership Skills Development Practitioner.


Founder, Forum Resources, has engaged groups in more than 30 countries and is trusted by more than 20,000 CEOs. Served as executive director of the Entrepreneurs' Organisation (EO) and impacted leaders globally. 


Steve has been a Director based in the City of London, managing programs and teams internationally for over twenty years, Steve is committed to personal development, health, wellbeing, sustainable change and building and supporting connected communities.

He is a father of three young men, and a lover of nature and all things wild.

Steve played a very special role in the early stages of The Global Trust Project. He possesses a deep commitment to fostering trust on a global scale and was the one to come up with the project's name. Whenever the vision has appeared to waver, Steve's unwavering passion has kept it alive - true to connecting people and ideas



Dominic works at the intersection of trust, strategy, and impact. 

His work is endorsed by notable global clients who cite his ability to rapidly enable trust building, apply systems thinking, foster unconventionalism and innovation, as well as develop effective proprietary frameworks. 

He has worked across various public and private sector settings from multinational organisations to impoverished communities. 

Experience includes trust building (teams, organisations, societal), smart cities, sustainability, sector development, impact investment, policy, media, and communications.

Dominic’s role as a keynote speaker is emerging with engagements in Norway, the Philippines, the United States (later in 2023) and Cape Town. He may be speaking later in 2023 in Korea and Bali.

He is the founder of The Global Trust Project, has worked as a Principal Consultant to the United Nations and Director of Impact Networks for YPO, the world’s largest leadership network of Chief Executives, and he is an XPRIZE Ambassador (co-developing the $30 million 'Trust Prize').

Dominic has addressed radio, TV and online audiences as a contributor and host and is regularly in conversation with senior city leaders on 'Where The Future Plays Out.'


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